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Choosing a Ballroom Dancing Gown for Your Body Type

On or off the dance floor, dressing for your body type is essential. Dressing according to body type is the best way to look stunning; it will enhance your favorite things about your body while downplaying the things you aren’t so proud of (we all have them, ladies!).

When selecting the perfect ballroom dancing gown, don’t forget to take your body type into account. Here are some of our best tips for doing this successfully:

  1. Find your body type. Before you can dress for your body type, it’s of course very important to find out what your body type is! The four most common body types are: -Banana/Rectangle: With a relatively straight figure, this body type has a less defined waist, with only a few inches difference between the waist measurement and the bust and hip measurements. -Apple/Inverted triangle: This body type is characterized by wider shoulders and bust, with more narrow waist and hips. The result is a shape that resembles an upside-down triangle. -Pear/Triangle: The reverse of the “apple” body type, this shape includes wider hips with a more narrow bust and shoulders. Pear shapes usually have a slightly more defined waist than apple shapes. -Hourglass/Double triangle: This shape places the most emphasis on the waistline, with wider shoulders and hips, but a defined waist. It’s important to remember that although not all body types are created equal, they are all beautiful! Women are notorious for wanting what they can’t have, so you may be disappointed if your body does not fit within a certain category. The important thing, however, is that you honestly identify your body type so that you can dress accordingly. All body types can look amazing as long as they are outfitted properly, so have confidence and own your shape -- whatever it is!

  2. Balance it out. Most dressing experts agree that the key to a successful look is balance. If your body type includes wide shoulders, for example, create balance by selecting a fuller skirt. If your bottom half is already wider than the top, sleeves can create the illusion of more “fullness” in your shoulders. Creating balance will help you feel confident as you pull together a look that looks like it was made just for you.

  1. Highlight your best features. If you have a narrow waist, don’t be afraid to choose a gown that is drawn in at the waist, accentuating that. If you have nice, long legs (and if your dance will allow it), show them off! This is also where color comes in: choose a color for your ballroom dancing gown that is flattering to your skin tone and hair color, and keep in mind that bright colors draw attention! Remember that certain elements of your gown can add (or detract) from your dancing as well. The hem, skirt fullness, and skirt length of your dress can be vital to the overall effect your gown creates. Consult with a custom gown designer to find out how to create a gown that will draw the judges’ eyes to all the right places!

Being deliberate about choosing a ballroom dancing gown for your body type will only make it easier to find a dress you truly love. At ConfiDance Couture, we believe that finding the right gown will make you a more confident and successful dancer. If you have any questions about creating a custom gown made just for your body type, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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