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How to Get the Right Look for a Ballroom Dancing Competition

You’ve worked tirelessly to perfect every heel turn, sway, and walk, and now it’s time to put all that hard work to the test. That’s right, it’s time to compete.

While you may feel great about your dance moves and technique, you might be unsure about how to create that perfect look for your competition. What sorts of things will make you stand out? What mistakes do you need to avoid at all costs? What can you do to help yourself feel more confident? Read on for some amazing tips about getting the right look for a ballroom dancing competition.

  1. Choose a gown you love. It may seem obvious, but choosing a gown that you absolutely love is paramount to success at a competition. When hunting for that perfect gown, choose one that has a feel and style appropriate to your category, but also one that makes you feel dazzling. The fit, the color, and the embellishments should all work together to make you feel comfortable and fabulous.

  2. Plan ahead for hair and makeup. There are hundreds of tutorials out there that will show you how to get a stunning hair and makeup look for your ballroom dancing competition. Treat these things as you treat your dancing: practice, practice, practice! Whether you will be doing it yourself or hiring a beauty professional, finding hairstyles and makeup looks that work for you and highlight your best features will help you pull together that perfect look, so that you can focus on your dancing.

  3. Pay attention to detail. This includes things like the embellishments on your gown (there is a lot that goes into the size and placement of those rhinestones!), but also accessories, jewelry, and nails. Consider the entire package when creating your look!

  4. Be prepared. Plan for an emergency on the day of your competition. Bring safety pins, glue for those fake eyelashes, bobby pins, and extra pantyhose. Consider everything that could go wrong with your look, and be ready for it!

  5. Build confidence. At ConfiDance Couture, we believe that the most confident dancers make the most beautiful dancers. While all these tips will help you feel confident in your look, take the time to mentally and emotionally prepare for the competition. Feel confident in the work you and your partner have put into your dancing. Let go of any other stress invading your life. Hold on to positive thoughts and banish negativity. These things will not only help you to feel confident, but to look confident as well.

Getting the right look for a competition is important, but it certainly isn’t impossible. If you’re having trouble finding the right gown, check out ConfiDance Couture’s amazing portfolio of expertly crafted, top of the line ballroom dancing gowns, and contact us to discuss scheduling a custom design consultation. It is our ultimate goal to help you step forward with ConfiDance!

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