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Gowns that Inspire: A Gown Fit for a Princess

When competing in a ballroom dancing competition, many dancers try to not only get every step just right, but also to inspire a feeling in their audience and the judges. Whether that feeling is light and playful, or moody and exotic, a dancer’s appearance can contribute greatly to creating that atmosphere.

Today, we'd like to show you a gown that was created with a specific feeling in mind. We call it the "Aurora."

While this gown was not created to be a “princess” dress, per se, it was specifically made to evoke feelings of romance, whimsy, and regality.

When considering the cut of the dress, we decided to create a fitted bodice and flowing tulle skirt, to establish the picture of elegance and grace.

The careful placement of crystals in intricate patterns gives the dress a fantastic amount of sparkle and sophistication. The crystals trickle down to the tulle skirt, giving the dress eye-catching detail and continuity.

Including special details, like the gorgeous fitted point sleeves and the satin bow at the waist, adds to the overall feeling of a gown that is at once whimsical and dignified.

When selecting your next ballroom dancing gown, don’t settle for something generic. Instead, consider a custom gown that will not only flatter your figure, give you more confidence, and catch the eye of your audience, but will also create the exact feeling you want your dance to inspire.

This stunning “Aurora” gown is just one example of ConfiDance Couture’s ability to create gowns that inspire. Contact ConfiDance Couture today to get started on a ballroom dancing gown that is made specifically for you.

This gown was featured in Surreal Beauty Magazine's June 2016 issue. Pictures by Tawny Horton Photography; Hair and Makeup by Jessica Fox; Model is Rella Dutson

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