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Creating Winning Designs - Krista

Here at ConfiDance Couture, we love to spotlight dancers who wear our gowns to help them feel confident when competing. Today we’re excited to highlight one of those amazing dancers!

Krista and her partner Martin recently won first place in the Rising Star American Smooth competition at the Desert Classic DanceSport Championships. Watch an interview they gave immediately following the competition by clicking here!

She looked positively stunning in her sleek black gown, custom designed for her by ConfiDance Couture! We asked Krista to share some of her thoughts about the process for creating her winning design.

Krista says that when searching for the perfect gown to compete in, she took the advice of her coach, as well as the advice of designers at ConfiDance Couture, to heart.

“You do have an idea of what you like on your own body, but still, it’s really helpful to have an outside opinion,” Krista says. “This dress was very different from the gowns I normally picked for myself, but [my coach] was going for a specific feel, and I think [ConfiDance Couture] met those needs perfectly.”

Krista came to ConfiDance Couture with only three words to describe the gown she was looking for: slick, oily, and fierce.

“They came back with the perfect fabric,” she says. “I saw it and immediately thought, ‘Yes, that’s it.’”

When we asked her how she felt in the gown, Krista responded, “Oh, I felt amazing in it! I loved everything about it. A lot of times when I put on a new dress, I take on a new persona. I really felt that in this gown.”

We talked to Krista a bit about how she feels about ballroom dancing gowns in general, including their effect on a dancer’s performance.

“The costume is the cherry on top of your performance,” she says. “We’d like to think that judges aren’t focusing too heavily on the gown, but sometimes, they really are!”

She went on to talk about how many dancers are pressured into gowns they aren’t comfortable in.

“It’s a hard thing to figure out sometimes. Listen to your coach, and get that outside opinion, but ultimately, you have to be the one that decides if you are comfortable or not. If you’re not comfortable in a gown -- if it’s too revealing or whatever -- don’t wear it! If you don’t like a certain part of your body, don’t accentuate it! One of the things I love about working with ConfiDance Couture is that they have incredible knowledge about how to make designs that flow and accentuate all the right things.”

Continuing in her praise of ConfiDance Couture, Krista pointed out that she was impressed with the level of commitment given to making sure her dress was absolutely perfect.

“The last thing you want to be worried about is ‘Do I look good in my dress?’ You don’t want to be worried about what you’re wearing, ever.” Thankfully, working with ConfiDance Couture put her mind at ease.

Congratulations to Krista! We hope you find more success in years to come!

To get started on your own winning design, contact ConfiDance Couture today. We’d love to help you create a gown that inspires ConfiDance in you, too!

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